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Lessons from the Kings of Judah

Along the front façade of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris were 28 sculptures of the Kings of Judah.  Of course, we don’t know what their physical appearance was, but 2 Chronicles gives insights as to what they were like on the inside.  The Books of Chronicles (one book originally) are sermons, based on the factual history of Israel and Judah.  The author lets the facts speak, and what they say edifies us. 2 Chronicles is a great read, and has glaring lessons for the reader to learn.   Here are some:

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John, on his mentor John, in the Gospel of John

I had read the Gospel of John several times, but somehow missed the verses at the end of chapter 10 until I spotted them on a gravestone!  I was in Bangor in Northern Ireland and went to see the graves of a friend murdered by the I.R.A., and, very near to it, that of W.P.Nicholson, who was so greatly used by the Lord, to win thousands to Christ, over 50 years ago.  Engraved on his gravestone were the words,

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The best that I can be

2 Samuel 23 v. 8 – 17 Shortly after the loss of his right arm, Nelson was presented to King George III, who congratulated him upon his naval victories, then added, almost prophetically, “But your country has a claim for a bit more of you.”

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