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How to beat the system

Armenian fables begin with the words, ‘Once there was and was not’ to suggest that fantastical tales may be real or imagined.  I am coming to the conclusion that that opening sentence is an apt way to describe many who say they believe the Bible to be the word of God, but actually put their trust in a particular system, an ism, a school of interpretation of the Bible through which they interpret it, and which they impose on Scripture. 

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God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked

what do the lager louts of the UK, the idol worshippers of the Far East, the savage, fear-ridden tribal members of PNG, the callous, unscrupulous business leaders of the West, our anti-God politicians, the promiscuous university student, the wealthy abortionists, the prodigal son or daughter, the unbelieving spouse, the cynical media celebrities, the warmongers, the fundamentalist atheists and the masses of people with whom we rub shoulders, have in common?  

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