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The thermometer of our spiritual life

Praying abounds in the Bible.  Throughout the Scriptures we find that God’s people are in constant conversation with Him.  Sometimes they are simply praising, thanking and worshipping Him; other times they are asking, calling out, crying out, beseeching and seeking the Lord. Sometimes there is quiet communion, other times wrestling with the Almighty One.  But whenever they pray they are doing so with a humble yet expectant heart.   

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I have a hymn book, too.

I have a little desk, and an old ‘Captain’s chair’, a wooden kneeler, a Bible, prayer notebook, a pen and blank notebook.  They are all components of my daily quiet time.  And I have a hymn book too.  I don’t understand music, but I enjoy it.  I can’t get my head round classical poetry, but I love hymns.  If you want to know my favourites, then do come to my funeral, though I haven’t arranged a date yet!

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