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Royal Mail

If I may use one final quotation, German philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.”  So, if we want to leave a legacy, we can try writing letters, and with God’s blessing they may impact people for their eternal good.  There’s a New Year’s resolution there somewhere.

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Royal mail

Yes, I am aware of e-mails, skype, texts and even twitter, and amazingly know how to use one or two of them.  They each have a valuable place, but for me it is the hand written letter which means so much.  I remember that there is an Inspector Morse line where he says much the same, adding that he likes a fountain pen with ink which you have to dip into.  There is a warmth, a permanence and personal touch conveyed by a letter which cannot be mimicked by electronic mail.  You cannot re-read a phone call, and rarely want to re-read a text or email, though I print out and keep some of these.  Lord Byron expressed it well, “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company”. 

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Rachel mourning and she cannot be comforted.

By Roger Carswell - In my private prayers for our nation I often wonder whether revival could come to our nation when such wickedness is happening in our NHS week after week.  One fifth of all pregnancies in the UK end in abortion.  Britain has some of the most ‘liberal’ (rather, evil) laws in the world.  200,000 babies a year are aborted here, out of the 40-50 million worldwide. Is our apparent lack of fruit in evangelism and the general declining congregations in most churches connected with the fact that the people we are seeking to reach, willingly go along with a gross act of evil, rarely even thinking that they are wrong or that our nation is rejecting God who both gives life, and who has given us word? 

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